will madden

will madden

Website Under Construction

Wed Apr 29, 10:21 PM

This site is intended, eventually, to be my blog, portfolio and host my projects (using Redmine).

I'm not a big blogger, but when I have some thoughts to share I'd like somewhere to post them. Hopefully, this site will fulfill that need. That said, I haven't got round to setting up any kind of CMS - I'm writing this in raw HTML - so don't expect frequent posts.

As far as Redmine is concerned, I did get that working, and was using it heavily until about a month ago, and now it's not working. Isn't life wonderful? I now have to debug Redmine and mod_passenger and work out what's wrong with it.

This incarnation of my site sports a reasonably appealing style. I created it over the past two days. Toying with the layout and colours in Photoshop took about an hour, and putting it together about another two hours. All in all a worthwhile excercise, though it could still use some texture.

One particularly interesting feature is the subtle reflection on the title, acheived using two blocks of text layered one over the other, with the uppermost one cut off at halfway. I haven't tested this in IE yet but I'm fairly certain it won't display correctly (usually a safe bet).

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